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Our company is specialized in engineering, procurement and commissioning of HVAC systems for industrial and offshore applications. Over the past 15 years we have prepared engineering documents for industrial plants and offshore platforms varying from feed studies, basic & detailed engineering to troubleshooting and inspections.

HVAC System Control Diagrams – HVAC SCD

HVAC control visualized in a clear and consistent way.

System Control Diagrams (SCD), provide the missing link between HVAC P&ID’s and HVAC PLC software by visualizing control strategies in a clear and consistent way. HVAC SCD’s provide insight in the control strategies and interfaces between systems and they are comprehensible by project participants at various levels and disciplines. The way has been evolved over the last years resulting into a solid standard, NORSOK standard I-005. PDE has been involved in developing HVAC SCD’s for various offshore projects since 2011 and has implemented the way on its onshore industrial projects since 2013.  It’s expected that the NORSOK standard I-005 will be transferred into an international standard, such as ISO or IEC, in the forthcoming years.

Contrary to the modern corporate policy that embrace the constant production of results in the minimum amount of time, sometimes at cost of quality, here in PDE, we are happy to fight daily for leading HVAC engineering services and keep our loyalty to quality intact at the same time.
PDE’s involvement in tasks all over the world is the best credential for the company’s familiarity with international and local regulations and codes & standards.
Consistent to our mission to deliver excellent HVAC engineering services, PDE is constantly exploring new techniques and computational packages to meet client’s needs and wishes.
PDE is experienced in multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects for offshore oil & gas applications. Client focused with excellent communication and skills in several technical disciplines.Arie Berkman, commercial director at CKT Projects.
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